What to Expect

Services tend to be around an hour in length (a bit more on Sunday morning and a bit less on Friday night). Each service opens with a short time of congregational singing and prayer before a sermon or devotion is given. All lessons are Bible-based, following no canon or pre-assigned schedule. The lesson presented is what the speaker felt led to prepare for that particular service.

Services are rather traditional in regards to music and presentation - we do sing hymns as congregational songs and there is little by way of theatrics offered. We do lift our hands and voices together in collective praise, and this can be rather loud at times. But, again, while there may be volume, joy, or tears, as the Holy Spirit leads in such worship there are no theatrics involved. We simply love the Lord and tell Him so together.

Perhaps ours is a simple approach, but the Bible IS rather simple in much of its own direction for us as Christians...

Gather together more and more as a church, and not less and less. Hebrews 10:25

Praise the Lord openly, collectively, and unashamedly. Psalm 150:6

All glory, victory, and honor is God's. I Chronicles 29:11